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Pimcore Web Design

Pimcore Web Design, Pimcore Web Development, Digital Asset Management

Pimcore is an extremely powerful and versatile Content Management Framework (CMF) produced by

Based entirely on the Zend Framework Pimcore provides extensive open access to a whole host of digital content & digital asset management.


Textmimedia are the leading UK Pimcore specialists, we are also the founders of Pimcore UK meetups, as we feel this CMF has many things to offer no matter what the requirements.  We love Pimcore so much, it even powers our own site and some of our internal document management.


If you would like to contact us for a demonstration of how Textmimedia can provide digital asset management for your company, we'd love to share with you our knowledge & experience in producing business tools which integrate well with in house software, and 3rd party suites such as Adobe InDesign & SugarCRM.


For further information about our Pimcore Web Development services please Contact Textmimedia by using our online form or call us today on 0161 820 5940.