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Zend PHP Development

Zend is an opensource framework for PHP, based on best practices for object-oriented programming, and using a rigourously tested codebase, Zend provides scalable and simple classes to work with, and a reliable API that has been consumed by a wide variety of leading vendors such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Magento etc. What’s more is Zend’s corporate and community licenced php server stack; by using Zend server with any zend based project, you can take advantage of features such as bytecode caching, which can improve performance of your PHP application tenfold.


Textmi Media are Partnered with Zend, and have the capability of writing full web applications from the ground up using the framework. We can also extend functionality of any site using Zend as well as identify best practices and improve performance. Security of our web applications is also a major concern for us, which is why we have developed our own tried and tested codebase for Zend, allowing us to speed up deployment of some functionalities, what’s more is since we are constantly updating our codebase, you can rest assured if you take out an update package with us, your web application will be updated with any improvements to our codebase we make.


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