Bespoke Features

Our bespoke features are unique to each mobile app we develop. We love to see our clients ideas come to life and are happy to accommodate any customization they require.

Push Notifications

Keeping in touch with your audience is important. For apps which feature push notifications, clients can send out messages to their user base, informing them of events / individual bookings etc.

QR Code Scanner

Clients who are looking for a way to bridge the gap between printed and digital media, choose our QR scanner, which can take your users to useful content. Got a QR campaign you want to run? This scanner also supports achievement based games.

Social Media

Allow users to share special offers through services such as Facebook and Twitter.

Edinburgh Zoo

App development

For the Edinburgh Zoo's app we created an iphone application with information about the zoo that serves as a guide for visitors to help them get the most of their visit.

Tthe app also provides in zoo games and QR tasks to complete that allow prizes to be unlocked anywhere in the zoo.  These QR codes also feature additional online media which can be watched and listened to when scanned.

  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.16.22.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.16.39.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.16.52.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.17.00.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.17.16.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.17.37.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.17.46.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/edinburgh-zoo/screenshots/screenshot_2012.02.07_14.18.17.png

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