Map services

Showing potential and existing customers where you are, and where your other branches / advertisers / points of interest are located is key to providing information. Mapping services allows users to find you, wherever they are.

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Bespoke Features

Our bespoke features are unique to each mobile app we develop. We love to see our clients ideas come to life and are happy to accommodate any customization they require.


Hi-Life App

App development

Hi-Life is a market leading dining card provider in the UK and Ireland.


We took the concept of the 2 for 1 dining card and incorpareted in digital form with a mobile application.


Main features includes:

  • Full access to the Hi-Life directory
  • Find your nearest restaurant by radiusor postcode
  • Ability to book a table
  • Sync your membership with the app and get your live In-App Membership card
  • /project-gallery/apps/hilife/screenshots/screenshot_2012.01.10_09.59.28.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/hilife/screenshots/screenshot_2012.01.10_10.17.18.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/hilife/screenshots/screenshot_2012.01.10_10.17.29.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/hilife/screenshots/screenshot_2012.01.10_10.30.52.png
  • /project-gallery/apps/hilife/screenshots/screenshot_2012.01.10_10.31.32.png

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